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AS PART OF OUR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM, the SD Bat Working Group has organized an educational fund to purchase library books for public elementary schools throughout South Dakota. This 12-book series is published by ABDO Publishing, MN and is bound for library use.

DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTABLE! - Elementary schools & Libraries have benefitted from your efforts, but there are lots of Elementary schools left to go.All money will be spent for the purchase of books (not on shipping or administration fees). Donors wishing to sponsor a complete book-set can specify the recipient school if they so wish (Publisher: $99.00 per set).


Western Bat Working Group, Box 2153, Rapid City SD, 57709
Questions about donations:
Brad Phillips (605-673-4707)
Questions about schools: Joel Tigner (605-390-2061)

SD Game, Fish, & Parks Wildlife Diversity Small Grant Program recently provided funding toward the purchase of an additional 58 sets of books. [read our letter of thanks to Governor Rounds] If your school has not yet received a set of the books, please contact us so that we can get you on our waiting list. If you have a child in a public elementary school in South Dakota and would like to obtain a set of these books for your child's school library, please provide us with the school's name, school's address, current enrollment (# students), contact person, and telephone number for the school. There is no charge of any sort for the books. We will target schools in communities where it has been difficult to identify sponsors for the books. (see extensive list below)

Read our article in the
SD Conservation Digest


School Programs in the Black Hills

Multimedia programs on bats are available to classrooms in the Black Hills area. Programs are available for all age groups and include slide presentation, recordings of bat echolocation calls, and (when available), live non-releasable bats. These programs are provided as a community service and are free of charge. For additional information or to schedule a program, contact: Joel Tigner 605-390-2061 / SD GFP 605-394-2391 /

Educational Bat Trunks

SD Game, Fish and Parks has also developed an 'Educational Bat Trunk' that contains educational information including books, video tapes, displays (such as a real, mounted bat skeleton), educational exercises, games, and hand puppets for use in the school system. The trunk can be loaned to teachers throughout the state. For loan information and availability, contact SD GFP / / 605-394-2391 Outdoor Campus / / 605-362-2721

Acro-BATS of the Night' Poster

SD Game, Fish and Parks has published a colorful poster that can also function as a book cover that depicts four species of bat found in the state. For ordering information, contact:

Education Brochure from Arizona

University of Arizona (#1456) November 2008

Bat Conservation International

Educational resources for all ages: Various Workshops are available

 BatsLIVE - Free web-seminar!

BatsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure is offering an exciting, FREE education program to bring bat conservation to life in your classroom and community. Check out all of the resources at the the BatsLIVE web site. Share this information with your friends & colleagues. Web seminars will be offered on April 18 and May 3, 2012


ECHOES: e-newsletter devoted to bat-related topics in SD

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